Oaklahoma Outbreak by Johnathan Rand

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Ahhhhhhh! Whats wrong? You gave me the cooties. That’s so childish Tommy. Hurry up were gonna be late for book club. I can’t wait to finish that scary book. Oklahoma Outbreak is a story about the main character Tommy and his friends who are trying to escape from the school without being infected by the cooties. Now they’re locked in the school and trying to escape. There were four students, now there’s only three. Will they escape or will they be infected like the rest of book club? They found a secret passage hoping it would lead outside, but it leads them to their doom. Read the book to find out if they escape the mindless cootie infected kids.

Yotsuba&!. 1 by Kiyohko Azuma

A little girl named Yotsuba Koiwai “Chan” (refers to Japanese “Child” or “Shonen” as boy)is  moving in from the country to west Tokyo, Japan. She also has new neighbors. My favorite character in the book is Yotsuba Kowai “Chan” because she is a humorous little girl full of energy and adventure. I LOVED this book because the story and the drawings were awesome.

North Dakota Night Dragons by Johnathan Rand

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North Dakota Dragons is about three kids who were sent to a new realm. They had to find a sword and slay a two-headed dragon. A dragon says they’re stuck in this realm unless they slay the two-headed dragon. They couldn’t get out of the realm. My favorite characters are the three kids because they’re funny. I liked it because it was very detailed. I also liked it because I like fiction. You should read this book.

Reviewed by Konata

Smile By Rania Telgemeier

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This book was about a girl named Rania Telgermire and she has big dental drama. Not only does she have to get braces because of an overbite, but she fell and knocked her two front teeth out! Now she also has to get that fixed! What’s next? In this book, my favorite character was Rania because she is very positive even when her friends start to act mean to her. In this book, different people can relate to her for different reasons. One reason I like this book is because Rania is writing from when she was a kid herself. I really hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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A teenage girl appeared to be a real Princess. Cecilia and her friend Harper go on an adventure to the Palace of Mirrors to prove that Cecilia is a real princess. Cecilia is my favorite character to me because she is a real princess. What girl wouldn’t want to read about a princess? As a girl I like books about princesses that go on an extended adventure. A girl would die to read this book if YOU like princesses who go on an adventure!

Dewey the Library Cat by Vicki Myron

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Dewey is a cat that lives in the Spencer Public Library in the state of Iowa. Dewey is a very enthusiastic cat who was found in the library drop box on the coldest day of the year. That’s what makes him so special. If you love true stories about cats, this is the book for you! Dewey is my favorite character in the book because he has so much positive energy. Dewey could make any person feel the way he does. Happy. I liked this book because it is a true story about a cat. How many books are biographies on cats? This book truly touched my heart. You’ll find out about an amazing life lived by a cat. You should read this book because the author is so descriptive with words. She makes the book come to life.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

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In this epic story, Harry Potter has to go through three extremely tough challenges called The Triwizard Challenge. In addition, he has to go head to head with three other wizards. Harry barely passes the dragon challenge with help. In the second challenge he learns to let go. But on the final challenge, when Harry and  Cedric both touch the Triwizard cup they both get transported to Voldemort’s clutches. Voldemort puts the death curse on Cedric and Cedric passes away. He dies from Voldemort. With great sadness, Harry grabs the cup and takes Cedric back to Hogwarts. If you ask me, I think Harry’s the best because he’s brave and is true to his friends. I think this book is good for all, so you should try it.

Dog Whisperer: the Rescue by Nicholas Edwards

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Oh my  goodness what  happened? Emily wakes up to a whimpering sound and she finds a yellow lab. It was found on the sandy beach, injured badly. Emily awakens her father to tell him the very sad news. Emily and her father wait till morning to find a horrible discovery. The dog is an awesome character because he goes though many hard things in his life. Also because he is a sweet loving dog. I loved this book because it keeps you thinking “what is going to happen next?” It is truly an awesome book!

Reviewed by Alexis

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

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They started off as best friends in the first grade, but now Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget are all teenagers. They aren’t friends anymore, they are sisters. There’s one little problem, this summer they are all splitting up. This is the first summer they won’t be with each other. Tibby stays home, Lena goes to Italy, Carmen goes to visit her dad, and Bridget goes to soccer camp. Whereever the sisters are, they will find something that will make them mad. Before they all left they found a special pair of pants that they all fit into. Each sister gets the pair of pants for about a week. Then once they are done with the pants they send them to the next sister, but they have to put a note in the package about what they did with the pair of pants. Ann Brasharer is the best writer on Earth and I think you should absolutely positively read this awesome book!

Review by Kaylee

Hollow by Jessica Verday

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In this story you will find a sixteen year old girl named Abby whose best friend Kristan goes missing. With the  funeral and her new found love for the handsome boy named Caspian, she finds out a secret that makes her question everything she knew about Kristan. How could Kristan keep this from Abby? What is Caspian hiding? Is Kristan really gone? Find out in this amazing book, Hollow. I hope you don’t start reading Hollow, without planning to finish it.

Reviewed by Sophie

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