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As you begin to gather information, remember the following tips!

Online Catalog

LPS Library Catalog

Use the online catalog at school to locate books about your country.
Reference Books

Use encyclopedias, almanacs, and atlases to gather your information.

Web Sites
Latin America Sites
Click on your country for lots of information.
SIRS Discoverer
Type in your country name and "map" or "flag" if this is the information you need.
Click on "Countries A-Z" to look up your country, or click on "World Maps" to find a map of your country
Click your country on the map for detailed information about your country
Fact Monster
Click on the "Countries" or do a search for the information you need.
More information you can use about Latin America. Just select a country.
Latin American Money
How much is your money worth in Latin America? Choose this site and select a country to find out.
Provides information on each country as well as maps, flags, and lots more.
Lonely Planet
This link is a web site about travel. It provides wonderful maps as well as information on currency, places to visit, how to get around the country and travel warnings. Either choose your country from the map or the pull down menu.
Latin America Information
This is an excellent site that provides information on the history, culture, food, travel and much more for each country.
World Fact Book
Provides national-level information on countries, territories, and dependencies, but not subnational administrative units within a country.
Background Notes
These are background notes the U.S. State Department puts together on countries.
Maps and Flags
Latin American Flags
Latin American Maps
Mexico Map
Central America Map
South America Map